YouTube star Kaitlyn Alexander, best known for their role in the Carmilla series, has put their talent into a new YouTube series, Couple-ish. The storyline sees bisexual, Canadian illustrator, Dee (Kaitlyn Alexander), in desperate need of a roommate. Their sister, Amy (Mercedes Morris), who is openly pansexual, leads them to the internet where they find Rachel (Sharon Belle), a… Continue reading Couple-ish


Jack Mellish – ‘Sell Your Self?’

Southampton Solent University’s The Quill Society had its January event hosted by ex-Solent graduate, Jack Mellish, who came to talk about identity and the concept of ‘self’. This talk was in a very different direction to the other two Quill events, veering away from the literary focus, and bringing something much more philosophical to the table,… Continue reading Jack Mellish – ‘Sell Your Self?’