My Articles

Well, this month has already been so fantastic for my articles! Not only was this article read by author John Green, but he actually responded to it!

On top of that, my most recent article, Feeling Stressed? has had so much positive feedback! One of my friends, Taya Bryant, put a link to it on her blog page, my Head Tutor shared it to her personal Facebook page, and I had many wonderful comments, including from Jasmine Barton, the current VP Employability and Engagement, as well as Sam Spencer, VP Welfare and Community!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 00.27.48

Working for Solent Press (On the Scene Magazine) is a lot of extra pressure for me to take on, on top of my many other commitments, but it is times like these when it is really rewarding to put in the extra work.

The article really links in well to the new role that I will be campaigning for this year – VP Welfare and Community. I am really hoping to get the role so that I can help make my university a safe place for everyone.


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