Last week I went with a group of my uni friends to go and see Deadpool. I’ve only been into the Marvel films for about a year and a half, starting with Avengers Assemble. Now, I can’t get enough, and hearing that Deadpool is a pansexual character, I was already sold.

I knew from reading online, as well as my Marvel Universe Encyclopaedia that Deadpool is also a witty, clumsy character who’s main attraction is his sense of humour. The film did not disappoint in this department. But, although I’m a fan of action films, the literature student inside of me always begs for character development. Although Deadpool did provide an element of this, a lot of it revolved around sex, leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

Another thing that disappointed me slightly was the lack of reference to Deadpool’s sexuality. Deadpool has been confirmed as a pansexual since 2013, and just over two years later, I would have expected the movie to more openly reference this, especially in light of the LGBT+ movements in recent months. The clearest reference to this in the film was when Wade was piling porn magazines into a bag, and the camera briefly hovers over some male porn. I also found the post-credits clip rather underwhelming compared to previous films.

However, I loved the film’s sense of humour. Although at times it felt like MCU had collaborated with a group of teenage boys to write the script, it felt very true to what I’d read about Deadpool’s unique character, and appealed to the teenager inside of me. The fourth wall breaks, references to Sinead O’Connor and slapstick comedy also added another dimension to the comedy.

Deadpool is, safe to say, not my favourite Marvel film. But I still thoroughly enjoyed the film and would definitely go and see it again.


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