Captain America: Civil War.

For me, this was the most anticipated film of the year. Recently finding myself a huge fan of the Marvel Universe, both the comics and the films (actually considered writing my dissertation of MCU), this was something I couldn’t miss.

I went along to the cinema with my friend and my brother (14) and pretty much all of us were decidedly Team Iron Man. I was probably his weakest supporter in the group, but I’ve always been a fan of RDJ.

This film did not disappoint. It had everything you would expect from a good Marvel film: a gripping plot, brilliant fight scenes and the usual, funny quirks.

My favourite addition to the Team had to be Spiderman. Admittedly, I was very unsure when I first read about the casting choice – I thought Tom Holland (actually one year younger than me) would be far too young to give the part justice. Wow, I was wrong. Marvel played on Holland’s age brilliantly, developing a quirky, inexperienced and frankly naïve character, adding a lot more depth and comedy to the part than previously seen, with actors such as Andrew Garfield.

This added a lot of dimensions to the film, particularly in the main battle between the two Teams. However, the roles of Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) were fantastically and emotively portrayed, making this possibly the most provoking Avengers film yet.

As far as the comic universe goes, I haven’t read the original comic. However, I was told the original ending. Although Marvel don’t stick to this, I have to say that I did breathe a sigh of relief – despite the rather underwhelming ending of the film.

One word of advice to all viewers – stay till the end of the credits! There are two clips at the end that you don’t want to miss (I missed the second one, but will be going again)!


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