Calshot Activities Centre

On Saturday I was lucky enough to photograph a rock climbing competition at Calshot Activities Centre in Fawley. Anyone that knows me knows that I am absolutely petrified of heights, and this weekend posed a challenge as I had to actually climb the wall.

Not only this, but I had to stand on a platform and hang over the top of the wall, as well as on the top of a very high stepladder. I have to admit, I spent most of the time feeling like I was going to throw up with fear, but I did it.

I also spent some of the day belaying.

Photo courtesy of Chris Whitewood

Due to my lack of confidence on the wall, Chris came along with me on the day, and also got the chance to take some photos!

(Chris in action!)

The competition was great. All of the participants were under the age of eighteen, and got to do a circuit of the walls, as well as some time for bouldering. I even enjoyed climbing (a little bit)! Here are the photos I took on the day, and some useful links:

For Calshot Activities Centre, click here.
For Southampton Climbing Wall, click here.
For Local Walls Competitions, click here (they have been kind enough to post my photos to their Facebook page!)


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