Mental Health

My head’s always been a bit of a funny place. I go through phases of this kind of numbing neutrality, littered with sparks of positive emotions. But it never feels whole. I can never keep hold of happiness and cause the flames to build into a fire that keeps on burning. I am so lucky, I have such wonderful, supportive people in my life. And they all make me so happy, and feel so loved.

But then I still find myself sometimes, even when I’m with them, where I don’t feel like I am completely in my head. Saying that, I’m not completely out of it, either. I feel as though I my mind is lagging, just a second behind my body. I feel like everything has a ghost-trail and I can’t process everything that’s happening quite fast enough.

You all know that words and photos are my thing. But I can’t do abstract photography, it just doesn’t come naturally to me. And there are only so many metaphors you can use before you reach the limits of your own vocabulary. So I decided to try something new. I took a photo of myself on my phone, uploaded it to my computer, and traced it into a line drawing. I used this outline to help me show exactly how it feels. I hope you guys like it.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


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