On Books and Stories

‘It’s strange how sometimes you can be so happy it goes all the way round to sadness’

-David Walliams

15th of February marked my last Books and Stories session. Unfortunately, things have been so busy since I haven’t had a chance to post! But I wanted to write a little piece on this fantastic scheme now that it’s come to an end.

The Books and Stories programme is run by the Southern Universities Network (SUN), and works with junior school children who have a lower-than-average reading age, matching them with Student Ambassadors, like myself, who work with them for ten weeks.

I worked with nine children of varied ability, and ran the scheme with a fellow mentor, Rosie. We went into the school once a week with activities we had planned, and then evaluated our sessions each week.

At the beginning of the ten weeks, we had less than half of the group who would sit and focus, let alone read out loud. On our last session,¬†kids who had struggled to pluck up the confidence to read were suddenly reading out loud with very little guidance, and they were all sat around the table, quietly focused on the task. Of course this didn’t last for long once we started playing games with them, but they deserved the fun after their hard work!

It was so rewarding to see such a wonderful group of children grow so much in such a short space of time. At times, the scheme was very stressful and challenging, but I will miss it so much.


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