Working with ArtfulScribe

On Thursday, I met up with Poet Laureate for Southampton, Matt West, to start my journey learning about all of the work that goes into organising Southampton’s literary events. When you read this, I’ll hopefully be in the Van Gogh Museum, looking at artwork and appreciating a different city. But when I come back, I’ll be throwing myself into what Southampton has to offer.

If you haven’t heard already, Hammer and Tongue Southampton is coming up on 6th of March, and I’m lucky enough to be co-hosting with Matt. But these events don’t just pop out of nowhere, a lot of time and effort goes into putting them together. My Thursday was mostly spent putting together shiny new scorecards for the slam. Matt showed me his old, sad ones which were hand made and really starting to show their age. So he asked me to print and laminate some new ones which could be used for H&T and any other future slam events.


On top of this, I started putting together some online marketing for upcoming events (primarily of the social media variety), so that the events can reach the widest audience possible. Only hearing about poetry events through Matt, I had no idea about the various platforms where I could find out what else was going on in the area. Having lived here all my life, and in love with literature since my early teens, it was so exciting to see what the city has to offer, and what I’ve been missing out on!

I can’t wait for when I come back from my holiday, so much is happening! I’m starting a new mentoring scheme with GCSE students, co-hosting H&T and continuing to help Matt. I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities that are falling my way right now!


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