REVIEW: Rainbow Blues by Daniel Eagle

Daniel Eagle is an old school friend of mine. I moved to his school at the end of year nine and we somehow became involved in similar social circles, despite not being in any of the same classes. Even aged fourteen, Daniel was performing at every opportunity, even volunteering to perform in an event that I ran as part of my Diploma. However, his newly-released single, Rainbow Blues is a jump that I didn’t see coming.

For 79p alone, you can buy Rainbow Blues on iTunes. But if you’re a student like me, you have to budget. So what else could you spend 79p on? Let’s see…

  1. Freddos

IMAGINE ALL OF THE FREDDOS YOU COULD BUY WITH 79P… wait, what? They are how much now?! Okay well it turns out you can only buy 3 Freddos with 79p. So you can either buy Rainbow Blues for endless entertainment, or have the taste of disappointment threefold as you bitterly remember when Freddo’s were 10p a piece.

2. A Gel Case for iPhone

Okay but seriously, are you really protecting your £500 iPhone with a case worth 99p? You need to get your priorities sorted. For LESS than that, you could buy Rainbow Blues to play on your shiny iPhone.

3. A Bottle Opener Keyring.

I had to do some research for this one, admittedly. But apparently, you can open endless beers for only 77p on Amazon. Or, you could use that 79p to buy Rainbow Blues and just get your collection of free bottle openers from Freshers’ Fayre.


But WHY buy Rainbow Blues you say? As if the bottle opener thing wasn’t enough? Well, back in secondary school, I remember Daniel mainly for playing a You Me At Six-esque cover of Poker Face by Lady Gaga (at the time in a little band). It was bordering on rock, and if I’m honest not the best. But since, Daniel has stripped back his work to a feel-good acoustic set. I have heard his music floating around on the internet, and seen gigs of his promoted around Southampton, but never taken too much notice, as I could never get that teen boy band out of my head.


But Rainbow Blues is on permanent repeat in my flat. A great song, with lyrics cheesy but in a Love Actually kind of way, and a contagious beat that you’ll find yourself tapping along to in no time, this song is a true feel-good tune that can drag you out from any bad mood. I highly recommend for you all to at least give Rainbow Blues a listen, because I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

“If love is a disease, then I have been infected” by this song.




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