Fat Girls Don’t Dance

‘When I grow up, I’m going to be a dancer…and a singer and an actress…I’m going to be on stage…’

Enter, Maria Ferguson.

Matt asked me to host the Fat Girls Don’t Dance event at God’s House Tower for International Women’s Day. He said he saw the show at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it was great. Of course, I was only too happy to do this, and was looking forward to the show. After releasing more tickets on Wednesday, we quickly sold out, which was so great when so many other fantastic events were happening in the city for International Women’s Day.

Unfortunately, due to a shift at work, I couldn’t come down to GHT to help with the main bulk of setting up for the show. But upon my arrival, Matt handed me a clipboard with a list of announcements for me to make at the beginning, and a little running order for the evening. We would be opening with a little poetry set from Jenn Hart, before moving on to the main show.

Jenn Hart performing

After hosting March’s Hammer and Tongue with Matt alongside me, this would be my first event for him hosting solo. However, after making my debut at the poetry slam, I felt prepared for the evening, without that familiar bubble of nerves. GHT was cold as we decided to go without heating, so people were huddled all over in coats, scarves and blankets. The stone walls echoed the hubbub of chatter, which was a bit daunting to bring to a halt, especially without a microphone. But I plucked up the courage, and got the evening started.

Once the show came to its end, and Maria had said her thanks, we sold some copies of her new book, and began packing down GHT. This involved taking down everything, from lights and speakers, to folding up countless chairs. As we were upstairs, this all had to be transferred down the staircase and then packed off to their homes. As is the same with any show, it took a fraction of the time and effort to dismantle then it had to put it together, so it wasn’t long before we had finished, and were locking up the doors of GHT.

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect from Fat Girls Don’t Dance, but Maria had wheeled so much into the show it exceeded every expectation I could have had. A witty mixture of spoken word, dance, contemporary music and even Maria singing acapella, she bought such an elegant range of skills to the stage, without it becoming messy and difficult to follow. She made the audience both laugh and cry, her final song nearly moving me to tears.

Maria Ferguson performing

I’m really looking forward to the other events that ArtfulScribe throw at me, and helping out in any way I can.

Want a copy of Maria’s book? It’s now available on Amazon!


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