Find out what I got up to last week with ArtfulScribe.

Wednesdays have become my ArtfulScribe days. I spent the duration of my time at GHT last week finishing off the SO:Write Showcase visual, which has proved a bit of a challenge. I am much more photography-based than graphic design, so this is stretching my skills a little. But I’m always up for a challenge, so hopefully can deliver something that Matt will be happy with.

Saturday, I attended the Women’s Writing workshop at Southampton Central Library. I will be acting as the Assistant in a couple of future sessions, so popped my head in to see exactly what goes on and what I will be up to. The session was fantastic, focusing around characters. I was really surprised with how engaged the women were, not just in terms of writing, but sharing their work. This is usually one of the biggest hurdles in these sorts of situations, but the group obviously had formed a really good bond, and were supportive of each others’ work.

Other things I have on my to-do list:

  • Design a poster for H&T
  • Write some more questions for upcoming case studies
  • Start getting case studies done
  • Social media marketing for H&T



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