Review: KELLY by Daniel Eagle

Not so long ago, I reviewed RAINBOW BLUESan upbeat, happy track from upcoming musician, Daniel Eagle. This time, he let me preview one of his other tracks, KELLY

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.43.47.pngKELLY is unmistakably one of Dan’s songs. It has the same rugged charm of RAINBOW BLUESbut the two songs couldn’t be more different. Whereas Dan’s last single got you clapping and dancing along, KELLY is an emotionally charged song, which tells the story of losing a loved one.

Dan’s positive spin couldn’t help but leak into this track, but from the moment you hear the first chord, you can feel the nostalgic, sad tones. The happiness that you feel in the song eventually reveals itself as pure love for Kelly, whoever she may be.

Dan’s lyrics are clever and heartfelt, bringing the listener in to be a part of the conversation he is having with Kelly. Paired with the mellow tones of the acoustic guitar, piano and the softest of drums, this song captures the heart of anyone who listens to it.

This review is incredibly late in its delivery, as you can now order KELLY on iTunes. However, I couldn’t go without writing about this song. Daniel has done a great job, and I can’t wait to see what he produces next.

holliehock 1


2 thoughts on “Review: KELLY by Daniel Eagle

  1. Robert Kelly says:

    This is a beautiful song fron Daniel, its about my daughter Ally Kelly. Ally and Daniel were great friends unfortunately Ally was killed in a car crash in august 2015 aged just 29 yo. You will understand why this sonf is so very special to me and my family.

    Robert Kelly


    1. holliehock says:

      Robert, thank you so much for commenting. This is such a tragic story, but I’m so glad Dan has paid such a beautiful homage to your daughter.


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