Wessex Schools Slam Final

A while ago I wrote about my work with Houndsdown and Noadswood Schools in preparation for the Wessex Schools Poetry Slam. Well, at the beginning of the month I was invited to go along and watch the final!

It was a fantastic evening, hosted by Matt West, that showcased the talent of local children from 12-15. It was great to see the teachers so eager to get involved and support their students, with all of the staff and children from Noadswood School wearing an array of hats!


Joining us for the evening were Dae Fletcher, the 2014 Wessex Slam Champion, and performance poet Adam Kammerling.


It is events like these that highlight how hard both students and staff are willing to work in order to achieve a goal. Winners or not, these young people were so proud of what they had accomplished, and it was so rewarding to see the journey they went on as writers and performers.


For more updates about upcoming poetry events in Southampton, follow ArtfulScribe on Facebook and Twitter, or visit their website.


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